Top Tips From The Team With Olivia Ippoliti

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What does the *overused but essential* term ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?

Friends and family are super important to me, investing time in relationships and being around people who make me feel good and who lift me up is the best for my mental health. Also, making time for myself, I like to try something new whether its a new workout or dance class and fitting in an ocean swim or a run.

What does your workout schedule usually look like?

I am a really active person, so my workout schedule is usually 5-6 times a week. However I have learnt to really listen to my body and take those rest days when I need them. An important tip for challengers to avoid going too hard at the start and then giving up because you’re exhausted.

Top energy boosting tip?

Again, try not to overwork or compare yourself to others. Set your priorities in terms of the most important tasks. Secondly, drink lots of water beans, especially as you’re working out regularly and summer is upon us!

Best advice you’ve ever bean given:

You should never stop being a student. Continue to learn and grow as a person.

Where can we follow you?

On insta at @oliviaippoliti