Never Bean? Try Us Out! 5 Classes For $50

Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates

Our Baby Mumma ‘Mum and bubs’ Pilates based classes are specifically designed for new mothers and soon-to-be mothers. We combine elements of traditional pilates with strength work to support your body from the inside out. With only 10 spaces in each class, our pre-natal trained instructors can offer modifications, adjustments and a baby cuddle if we’re lucky enough. Our Baby Mumma’s classes are a lower intensity workout that focuses on rebuilding physical strength and maintaining wellbeing, but you’ll have the chance to get sweaty if you’re feeling up to it. Happy mum, happy baby right? Baby’s up to 1yr old and prams welcome, just bring your bebe’s fave toys.


Baby Mumma’s classes are for those post 6 week doctors check or during pregnancy and are an enjoyable and effective way to move and make friends with like minded mums in your area. Our teachers are highly skilled in the space of pre and postnatal and can provide exercise modifications tailored to each individual.

They are a great opportunity to bond with other new mums or to hang out with your mother’s group (instead of another cafe, joy!). The easiest way to trial our Mumma Beans class is to purchase our “5 classes for $50” introductory offer at our award-winning bondi beach studio.

Baby Mumma classes every Monday - Friday at 10.30am (Pram parking outside studio door, undercover)

It’s playtime!


Pilates is definitely a safe and effective form of exercise for pregnant women and new mothers, if done correctly. During pregnancy, your body is doing amazing (wild) things to grow a little human. It's important to choose low-impact exercises that do not put undue strain on the joints and muscles. Reported benefits of prenatal pilates include improvement in back pain, swelling, fatigue and sleep. On the other side of birth, it should be spelled out that postnatal pilates is safe for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries with the focus being on abdominal alignment and strength. It’s important to check in with your women's physio during pregnancy and after birth to check everything is doing what it should be. They can also give you a guide on what to avoid in your Pilates classes.




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