The Barre Beans Teacher
Training Course

The Barre Beans Teacher Training Course is a fresh & fun approach to barre. Our unique format and playful style has bean designed for current teachers, those wanting to become one and those that simply love the Lean Bean method and want to add 'Barre Teacher' to their box of tricks.

By the end of the home learning and in person weekend course you will have a broad skill set to feel confident and ready to get out there.

What you'll learn

  • The exercises and how to make them flow
  • Pilates basics
  • Teaching for small and large groups
  • How to easily create classes using 'chunks'
  • Pilates Anatomy & Physiology inc. pre/postnatal alongside
  • Women In Focus physiotherapists
  • Cueing, musicality and terminology
  • Common injuries & modifications
  • Utilising equipment
  • Marketing and promoting yourself

Whats Included?

Once you decide to join us on the course, you will receive:

The complete Bean Bible to guide you on your teaching journey, Online access for a year to our home learning platform with Women In Focus, All course materials, Virtual Lean Bean 6 month membership, 2 x small group Barre Beans classes with your course leader, Barre Beans Instructor certificate certified by Lean Bean Fitness and one on one support.

Cost All Inclusive | Early Bird Only $1,250


How we started

“Hello! I'm Lizzie, the founder of Lean Bean Fitness, a women's fitness company in Sydney that was born out of my craving for variety, but more importantly, because I wanted to see and feel the results from my exercise regime.

I trained at a professional dance school in London where Pilates and strength training were a huge part of my weekly routine to support my joints and help prevent injuries. The combination of fitness, rehabilitation and dance worked in harmony to get us in the best shape, physically and mentally. Since graduating in 2012 I have gone on to study Pilates, Barre, PT and yoga, and have taken aspects of each practice into my training.

After 7 successful years of running LBF and many teacher training sessions with our talented team, we're excited to offer a versatile barre training course that students and current teachers can adapt to their teaching style and not feel tied-down by the traditional frameworks of barre & Pilates.

We have bean *sorry, I do that a lot* fortunate enough to work with the experts in physiotherapy here in Sydney, Women In Focus to combine their knowledge and skills with our training programme in an intelligent yet digestible way.”

Cost All Inclusive | Early Bird Only $1,250

Registration now open for November 12-13th 2022. Chat with us today to secure your space on the mat. Click here for FAQ’S.