Teacher Training FAQ’s

Where is the course held?

Lean Bean Fitness Darlinghurst, 171 William St. Both days (10-4pm Sat & Sun) will start with a Barre Beans class taught by Lizzie with your fellow students.

How much is the course?

Early bird is $1,250 which includes all materials from LBF & Women In Focus, examination, email support, the weekend course, 6 month Virtual Lean Bean membership and access to the online portal for 1 year.

What’s involved?

12 hrs Intensive In person course weekend

21.5hrs Practical + Online theory, Anatomy & Physiology assessment and exam

20 Classes Barre Class observation (VLB included. If attending a studio please ask the instructor to sign you off and please email studio’s ahead to get permission)

20 Classes Participation classes. VLB classes included between 30-45min.

10 Classes 30-45mins each Practice Teaching Hours *after weekend course*. On friends, family and fellow students.

When will I have access to the online platform?

Your VLB membership will start and we will allow you access to the online teaching platform, Teachable which is easy to navigate so you can tick off the sections as you go. You will have access to the platform for 1 year however we suggest you submit all exams and assessments within 6 months of the weekend course.

When can I start logging my Barre attendance and observation hours?

We advise you complete the majority of your observation hours after the course. If you are using a Lean Bean Studio to clock your hours, please email ahead so we can let the instructors know: admin@leanbeanfitness.com.

How can I log my barre class attendance hours? 

Please keep a log in your phone or notebook if clocking classes before the course weekend. Alternatively, your class hours can be clocked after your course weekend and logged in your ‘Bean Bible’.

The examination process 

You will have 2 theory exams. 1 on the philosophy of Barre Beans and 1 on Physiology & Anatomy with Women In Focus. These assessments will be on what you have learnt at the weekend course so don’t think about them just yet! You will then film your practical assessment (phone is fine) of you teaching a Barre Beans class to a buddy(s). We will help you with structure your class by the end of the weekend course so you feel confident to practice it before filming and submitting. We suggest you don’t wait too long to film so the content is fresh in your mind. 

The categories we will asses you on in the practical assessment include; exercise sequencing, cuing, musicality, flow and transitions, equipment use, modifications and creativity.

Will the course open the opportunity to teach at Lean Bean?

That’s the goal! We’re always looking for great new teachers to bring on to the team.

Getting to Lean Bean Darlinghurst

We advise getting the train to Kings Cross which is just a 5 minute walk away or the 389 or 333 bus. Parking spaces are limited to 1 hour in the surrounding area. There are larger car parks also close by but they will be expensive. 

Accommodation In Darlinghurst

We recommend trying Booking.com if you’re only looking for 1 night. The closest hotel is The Ibis.

Anything else?

Please email Lizzie on lizzie@leanbeanfitness.com

Enrol Now or call 0413 229 095