Setting Intentions & Improving Mindset

By Bree Hemsley

For a lot of people, New Year comes with the pressure of goal-setting and resolutions in order to become a ‘new’ and better version of yourself. As we enter 2023 and the 30 Day Spring Clean, Bree Hemsley, who is passionate about intention setting, shares her views and some personal tips on the topic to release the pressure of setting unrealistic goals and creating a fun and refreshed vibe.

Much like many others, the last few years of Covid, Isolation, uncertainty and change has taken its toll on me. Having a goal and plan in mind for the way life was going to pan out over the next few years, the steps I was going to take and the adventures planned all shifted. I was stuck, newly alone and forced to navigate life in a whole new direction I hadn’t foreseen. Thankfully I had my yoga & Pilates practice, but I needed more. So I took a course on how to shift my mindset and tap into high vibe energy and I have never looked back. 

What is energy and how does it affect our state of mind?

In ancient yoga practices we study 5 different energy channels that run through us and govern our minds and bodies. Through understanding these, we work to become more aware of the state of mind in which we are at, at any moment. These energy channels are the direction in which life force flows. When we work with them we can start to regulate the physical body and its systems. Rather than reacting to situations without thought, we can respond to challenges, with balance, steadiness and compassion.

How do you shift your energy?

It starts with a simple check in. How are you feeling? What’s popping up for you? Where in life do you feel stuck, grounded, unsure, the most authentic version of yourself? I started to observe how I felt in situations, where my energy was going and chose to create a mindset shift, focusing on high vibrational energy. What are the things that bring me joy? So simple yet so effective. Since then I have been able to approach situations in a whole new light. By balancing these energy channels in our lives we can enter each new day, experience and moment with a clear and authentic outlook. 

From energy shift to the Spring Clean Challenge

As we enter the new year, goal setting is always a big task by most people. It’s great, don’t get me wrong however most of the time we fall short, because life gets in the way and then, we can tend to get a little harsh on ourselves for not achieving. So these days I don’t create New Year’s Goals. I look at my mindset, I look at where my energy has been, what parts of my life are causing low vibrations, and look to where I can make a shift. Not within a set timeframe or to achieve one specific goal, but so I can find balance, create a holistic view of situations and be content with whatever is thrown my way. 

My top 5 practices to create a high vibrational energy

The key is to actively letting go of what’s got you stressed, anxious or highly strung and making time to practice things that bring you joy, a smile, passion.

Great ways of doing this…

– Journalling

– Active meditation i.e walking barefoot in the sand or going for a run

– Getting in the kitchen and cooking. Doing something creative with your hands goes a long way! 

– Get out in nature to recharge and connect back to the earth

– Cleaning or gardening – physically clearing space

Life throws us setbacks. It brings the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. However we can observe, we can use that high vibe energy and our mindset practices to create a little equilibrium so you start to see setbacks as opportunities and be present when we achieve, rather than always searching for the next thing.

You’ve got this!

Bree x