Virtual Lean Bean

Our award-winning home workout program that delivers the feeling of being in your fave exercise class, at home. We send weekly workout plans for beginners, advanced, pre & postnatal combining brand new workouts between 15 - 45 mins long, so wherever you are in the world and however busy you may be, you can still fit in a quick workout. The Lean Bean team and partnering experts regularly share top-tips, nutrition guidance and playlists on the private group and we’re always happy to take on your exercise requests. Our back catalogue now contains over 500+ classes to choose from, so your body and mind will never get bored!


What's included?

  • Over 500+ classes + new classes weekly
  • Videos 15-45 minutes long
  • Pilates, Strength, HIIT, Barre, Boxing, Stretch and more
  • Suitable for Beginners through to advanced as well as Pre & Post Natal
  • Nutrition advice and recipe ideas
  • 12 Live Classes, daily

Only $49.50 P/M.

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This is how we bean

HIIT / Cardio / Strength / Tone / Stretch / Recovery

Barre Beans

Barre - Cardio / Strength Tone / Stretch

This full body, high intensity workout combines traditional barre (or chair) with fitness exercises.

Power Beans

HIIT / Cardio / Strength / Tone

Think HIIT + barre + bootcamp. This is one class you're gonna need all the girl power you got. This interval training workout takes the sweat, tone n' burn to the next level.

Bean To Pilates

Pilates - Strength / Tone

A full-body mat Pilates class but don’t be fooled this is a strong, controlled butt and ab burning workout.

Bean Strong

Circuit - Cardio / Strength / Tone

Our hugely popular circuit style class body weight & cardio to ramp up metabolism, strengthen the body and build heat like nothing else..

Bean Box

HIIT / Cardio / Tone

This fun sweat sesh combines boxing, cardio and plyometrics to get your heart rate and metabolism sky high.

Pre & Post Natal

Pre & Post Natal

A low impact class specifically tailored to women during and after pregnancy. This class is slower paced and will focus on stretching the areas that get tight with the changing weight distribution plus strengthen the muscles to support you during and post childbirth like the legs, back and arms.

Stretchy Beans

Stretch - Tone / Stretch / Recovery

Release and relax in this yoga style session designed to stretch tired muscles using foam rollers. You’ll leave feeling fresh-to-death in body & mind. Our only mixed bean class so boys welcome

Dancing Beans

HIIT - Cardio / Tone

This class is for anyone needing a bit of fun, a great cardio workout and to not take themselves too seriously. Absolutely zero dance ability/experience required you just gotta get boogying to the beat and wiggle your worries away.