Virtual Lean Bean

Our award-winning home workout program that delivers the feeling of being in your fave exercise class, at home. We send weekly workout plans for beginners, advanced, pre & postnatal combining brand new workouts between 15 - 45 mins long, so wherever you are in the world and however busy you may be, you can still fit in a quick workout. The Lean Bean team and partnering experts regularly share top-tips, nutrition guidance and playlists on the private group and we’re always happy to take on your exercise requests. Our back catalogue now contains over 600+ classes to choose from, so your body and mind will never get bored!


What's included?

  • Over 600+ classes
  • Fresh new workouts
  • Videos 15-45 minutes long
  • Pilates, Strength, HIIT, Barre, Boxing, Stretch and more
  • Beginners through to advanced as well as Pre & Postnatal
  • Nutrition advice and recipe ideas

ONLY $19.99 P/M

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There's not a lot we can thank the pandemic for, but Virtual Lean Bean is one. It is so important for many of our members that we keep our award winning, in-studio experience alive with your favourite workouts and instructors, either live or when you can fit it in.

Community is such a huge part of Lean Bean Fitness, so maintaining & building our friendships whilst still motivating you every day is vital. Virtual Lean Bean is for everyone, beginner through to advanced. With our extensive variety of workouts online, you decide how much or how little you need.

As your energy levels fluctuate throughout the month, so will your needs. Some days the Pilates, barre and stretching videos may suit you best, then when you’re feeling more energised, or after a good night's sleep, you could go for our energising strength, HIIT and boxing sessions.

With Virtual Lean Bean, we’re with you all the way, but you’re always in control.

Lizzie Bland, Founder & Co Owner