Meet the LBF co-owners & best friends, Lizzie & Shireen


Lizzie Bland

Founder, Studio Manager and Co-owner

Ex professional dancer and expert in Female Fitness from London, Lizzie founded Lean Bean Fitness in 2015 when she came to Sydney with her Fiance for 'a year' all Brits do. Five years later and LBF has continued to grow with an awesome, ever-growing community of fun*and sweat* loving females. Lizzie's qualifications include Barre Core, Pilates mat, Certificate IV in Group Fitness and Personal Training, Kettlebell Certification, Schwinn Spinning certification, Fight Klub Boxing certification + Pre and Post natal exercise.

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Shireen Baker

Studio Manager and Co-Owner

Shireen is an ex-gymnast with Barre, Pilates & Cert ||| qualifications. She left a career in marketing at Universal Pictures to follow her passion for female fitness and join her best friend/ founder of Lean Bean, Lizzie Bland. Shireen's classes are always dynamic, challenging and focus on technique while delivering the Lean Bean burn.

Lean Bean Fitness was born out of my craving for variety, but more importantly, because I wanted to see visible results from my exercise regime. 

Training as a professional dancer, my weekly schedule included Pilates, purely for rehab purposes, plus some strength & conditioning classes to improve my stamina and performance on stage. But in all honesty, it was a huge revelation to me that to be my best, this alone would not be enough.

It only took a few weeks of additional training to notice how the improvement in my energy levels and strength would really elevate my performance. It wasn't until my late twenties that I began to fully understand the importance of 'listening to your body’. As a woman with a menstrual cycle and the mental stresses of daily life, I could see the benefits of daily movement, which is why I founded Lean Bean Fitness.

By incorporating a variety of exercise, including Pilates, barre, boxing, hiit and strength training we cater for all levels from the beginner to the advanced. And as your energy levels fluctuate, it’s important your training always works with you, and for you!

Lizzie Bland, Founder & Co Owner

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