Lean Bean Goes To First Base


To celebrate the launch of our special limited edition colab with our friends at First Base. We interviewed the two founders on why Lean Bean Fitness and First Base is a match made in heaven.

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How did the Lean Bean meet First Base. Who made the first move?

LB: I followed *and was obsessed by* the First Base Instagram when i was still living UK 6 years ago. Ali was a fellow Bondi local and happened to be looking for personal training sessions, so in stepped Lean Bean!

AC: Lizzie helped kick start me back to rebuilding my fitness after an injury fuelled hiatus. After a bunch of PT sessions together, Lizzie convinced me to join her boot camps which I became slightly obsessive about… I didn’t think anyone could get me to run up a hill in the rain at 530am but Lizzie did! She also got me in the most amazing shape of my life pre wedding – her barre classes and my abs popping and whole body looking toned and fit. I am in her debt.

So you’ve known each other for 5 years, why now?

LB: It was always something we dreamt of doing one day with First Base and with Covid giving us both a bit more time to work on smaller projects, it was a great time to be able to create our dream activewear set.

AC: Timing is everything and Covid has created space for us to focus on working with brands we really believe in and love, Lean Bean Fitness is one of those brands.

It’s been amazing seeing what Lizzie and team have created with Lean Bean and how it has gone from a humble beach side boot camp to two fully fledged studios. Knowing so many of the obstacles that have come up over the years for Lizzie and how LB has kept pushing forward to create such a strong community and body positive product – I take my hat off to you. 

Both your brands are authentic, cool and sustainable – how do you stick to these values while staying on trend?

LB: We really believe in everything we offer at LBF and try to go with what we feel is true to us rather than following the crowd. Being ‘on trend’ however… you tell us!

AC: I get asked this a lot… about being on trend. That’s not something we actively try to do at all and I didn’t even know that we were haha. We just try to stay focused on making great product that has an understated irreverence to it … oh and that does what it’s meant to!

What were the important elements when coming up with the perfect activewear set?

LB: Being able to workout and go straight to brunch without feeling clammy in your kit *sweat wicking fabric*. Feeling supported whether you’re jumping, running or stretching and also be flattering on all body shapes and sizes.

AC: It was really about creating a set that worked for the Lean Bean girl and the variety of workouts she likes to do … everything from barre to yoga to HIIT. This set had to be multi tasking, supportive, compressing and make your butt look good.

What does ‘Playtime’ mean to you?

LB: PLAYING! Laughing, giving less of a sh*t and of course, sweating it out.

AC: Pre LB I would have said gin on the rocks, but now Playtime is so synonymous with LB every time I see those words in the studio I know I’m going to be pushed outside my comfort zone! So I guess Playtime for me means serious sweat!