A day in the life of… Sarah Cooper


Depending on the day, I like to workout when I wake up. Usually a run or a class at Lean Bean. It sets me up well for my day and gets me in a positive mindset. Ill follow my workout with coffee and brekkie of egg and veggies with lots of chilli and tahini. Late morning i’ll try & get some assignments done or do some recipe creations for my scoopitup blog.


Usually something fresh like a salad – today it was some smoked trout, cucumber and cos lettuce with cold pressed hemple oil! I also love 90% dark chocolate as an arvo treat sometimes too. If I can I like to try and go for an afternoon walk and listen to a podcast – at the moment I am loving the podcast ‘seize the yay’ by Sarah who owns Matcha Maiden.


I always cook for the fam if i’m not teaching Pilates or at Lean Bean- usually some sort of salad or cauliflower rice with chicken and some sweet potato chippies. Bedtime is my wind down time- usually watching Netflix or just listening to some good music.