A day in the life of…Olivia Ippoliti


Truth be told I am not a real morning person.

Unless I am working early one usually won’t see me until around 8am (guilty). From then I am alive and full of energy and always make time for exercise. My usual routine consists of my morning coffee before a run or long walk.

From there I head off to the gym before coming home to either choreograph for my afternoon teaching of kids ballet and contemporary classes. Breakfast is always something small. My favourite smoothie is made up of bananas, cinnamon, cacao nibs, hemp seeds and almond milk.


Lunch is my favourite part of the day. Luckily with my job I have time to make my own at home. At the moment I’m really into a salad with shredded chicken, spinach, corn, avocado, red onion and quinoa, drizzled with lemon dressing.


As I get home quite late most nights my partner will usually prepare dinner or I have my groceries prepped to cook for when I get home. If I’m not prepared my takeaway option is always Fishbowl

Weakness: Hazelnut chocolate and red wine.