Top Tips From The Team With Lizzie Bland


What does the *overused but essential* term ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?

It’s cliché but wellbeing means time to myself to exercise, have healthy nourishing food but also listening to my body and feeding any cravings I have (in and out of pregnancy) and hanging out with my friends and laughing lots 🙂

What does your workout schedule usually look like?

I aim for 4 classes a week but recently I’ve been doing 5 or sometimes 6 and feeling SO much better *mentally mostly* but also physically. I do a couple of home VLB sessions- boxing or the 15min body burners and when I can get to class, I know *biased* that whatever the Bean girls deliver will be sweaty and challenging, so I go to them all!

Desert island breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Brekkie: 3 courses- Porridge with vanilla protein powder, followed by a fruit platter, finished off with 2-3 *sometimes 6* spoons of PB from the jar.

Lunch: Charcoal toast & greens + poached egg (Good One Bondi Beach eaten with Shireen Baker obvs)

Dinner: Pizza- thin base so it’s not too heavy, topped with loads of veg; mushrooms, olives, capsicum and sometimes prawns. Faves: Vino e CucinaSociety Pizza Bar Bondi BeachCoogee Pavilion

Top energy boosting tip?

I know we’ve all said it, but getting to bed before 9pm is the ultimate energizer. Also making sure you’re eating enough- you forget you actually need to eat a bit more when you’re exercising regularly to replenish your stores, otherwise you’ll hit a 3pm wall of extreme fatigue.

Best advice you’ve ever bean given:

I literally heard this yesterday on SAS Australia 😂 but thought it was spot on…’Go by yourself and you’ll go fast, go as a team and you’ll go far’

Team work makes the dream work!

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