Top Tips From The Team with Gabby Abbott


What does the *overused but essential* term ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?

If I was to describe ‘wellbeing’ in one word, it would be happiness. It’s waking up each morning feeling energized and balanced in mind and body. Yes, of course it’s eating well and exercising daily, but it’s also knowing when to slow down and take a break.

What does your workout schedule usually look like?

I am definitely a morning person and so my workouts often happen as soon as I wake up. My alarm is usually set for 6am and I will start my day with either a strength based workout or cardio (depending on the day).

As a keen runner, I also love to fit a quick 5km run 2-3x a week during my lunch break- bonus when the weather is nice. In the evenings, I will focus on stretching and will often do a 45 min yoga/ stretch sequence. I also do yoga studio twice a week and multiple Virtual Lean Bean sessions to get that extra burn.

Desert island breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Ok, another passion and love of mine is food so this is a tough one!

Breakfast would 100% be savory – probably *definitely* avocado on sourdough toast with poached eggs and a sprinkling of feta cheese (yum).

Lunch is easy (probably because I have it at least twice a week) and it would be FISHBOWL. I usually build my own with tofu (I love the ginger and tamari almonds on top).

Dinner would be salmon and roasted veggies (lots of roasted pumpkin, eggplant. crispy kale). I’m getting hungry now!

Top energy boosting tip for our challengers?

Listen to your body and make sure you are taking a rest day at least once a week. Also, ensuring you are getting enough sleep and fueling your body with enough good food.

Best advice you’ve ever bean given: FOLLOW WHAT YOU LOVE.

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