Top Tips From The Team with Kath Ebbs


What does the *overused but essential* term ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?

The meaning of wellbeing has changed for me a lot over the years. Now wellbeing comes back to intention and motivation. Assessing what my intention and motivation is for doing something. Especially in the cliché meaning of the word “wellbeing”. For example, if I am going to exercise I want to make sure its coming from a place of self love not self hatred.

What does your workout schedule usually look like?

Always changing as I get bored super quick! But I am definitely a sucker for some cardio. I just love the feeling of dripping in sweat and panting for all the right reasons. My current routine is usually about 3 Power beans, 2 bean Strong’s and 1 Pilates class, all on VLB. I also try and get in some walks and yoga classes around that when I can.

Desert island breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Breakfast: A smoothie bowl with lots of granola and nut butter on top.

Lunch: Sushi

Dinner: Would love to say sushi again haha but maybe a fillet of fish with some roasted vegetables (lots of potato!)

Top energy boosting tip for our challengers?

  • Sleep!
  • Water!!
  • Incorporating fun and play into your routine!!!

Best advice you’ve ever bean given:

Hmmm. My dad always use to ask us when we were little (still does now actually lol) these 4 questions if we were ever worried about something or stressing or upset etc. I still use it now and have passed it onto many people in my life…

“Will you be worried about this in an hour?”, “will you be worried about this in a week”? , “will you be worried about this in a year?” , “Will you be worried about this in 10 years?”

Where can we follow you?

Instagram: @kathebbss