Q&A with Lizzie Bland


Find out what motivated our instructor to keep playing harder…

Lizzie Bland: 
(Founder, trainer & all round amazing human bean)

1. What motivates you to exercise?

Knowing how much better I’ll feel mentally afterwards and how moody I get if I don’t do it

2. Do you have any workout rituals?

I used to be an early morning exerciser, but now it’s around my babies/partners schedule. VLB is my go-to if I’m short on time or can’t get out of the house.

3. What’s your fave exercise?

Squats with your arms up by your ears. A full body, fancy-free exercise.

4. What’s your favorite Lean Bean class (or Virtual Lean Bean class) and why?

At the moment (4 weeks post baby) I’m doing the very gentle postnatal pelvic floor & stretch sequences on VLB but I will also return to Baby Mummas in a couple of weeks at the studio.