This is how we bean

HIIT / Cardio / Strength / Tone / Stretch / Recovery

Floor Barre

A strong class working on balance and core stability to strengthen from within. Using resistance equipment and bodyweight you will work on and around your mat to get every muscle in the body fired up. Expect this class to challenge even the fittest fiddles with it's slow but strong exercise combinations.


HIIT / Cardio / Strength / Tone

Previously known as 'Power Beans'

Think HIIT +  barre + bootcamp...whilst wearing ankle weights. This is one class you're gonna need all the girl power you got and will be feeling it days after. This interval training workout takes the sweat, tone n' burn to the next level.

Power Pilates

Pilates - Strength / Tone

Previously known as Bean To Pilates

Get your body burning in this fresh take on mat Pilates. Using resistance bands, wobble boards, dumbbells and body weight, we will tone, strengthen and lengthen the body with mindful, controlled movements. A full body burn that is the perfect addition to complement any workout regime focusing on form and breath to really get your muscles firing.

Bean Strong

Circuit - Cardio / Strength / Tone

Our hugely popular circuit style class using heavy weights, TRX (making a return in the new year!), wobble boards and sliders to strengthen, tone and burn the body. Think slow and controlled exercises to really challenge your muscles.

Baby Mumma Bean Strong

Circuit - Strength / Tone

Small group Bean Strong class for new mums with a strong focus on regaining core strength & stability you'll be feeling stronger in no time. Babies and toddlers very welcome.*

Bean Box

Boxing - HIIT / Cardio / Tone

This fun sweat sesh combines boxing, cardio and plyometrics to get your heart rate and metabolism sky high. Gloves & pads provided, no prior boxing experience needed.

Barre Beans


Barre - Cardio / Strength Tone / Stretch

Small group Barre Beans class safe for women during pregnancy as well as beginners wanting to get a good workout as a slower pace. Think more stretching less jumping with plenty of toning.

Baby Mumma Beans

Pilates - Cardio / Strength Tone / Stretch

Small group Pilates based class for new mums or those wanting. With a strong focus on regaining core strength and alignment, you'll be feeling yourself in no time. Babies and toddlers very welcome.*

Power Yoga

Stretch - Tone / Stretch / Recovery

If you like a sweaty workout but also need a bit of stretch and zen in your life, Power Yoga at Lean Bean Fitness is the perfect combo for you. As well as connecting your breath with the movements to calm the mind, you'll be taken through a series of exercises using light dumbbells with plenty of pulses and holds to lift your heart rate and get you in the burn zone. BYO sweat towel.

Virtual Lean Bean

Online - HIIT / Cardio / Strength / Tone / Stretch / Recovery

Our award-winning home workout program that delivers the feeling of being in your fave exercise class, at home. We send weekly workout plans for beginners, advanced, pre & postnatal combining brand new workouts between 15 - 45 mins long, so wherever you are in the world and however busy you may be, you can still fit in a quick workout. The Lean Bean team and partnering experts regularly share top-tips, nutrition guidance and playlists on the private group and we’re always happy to take on your exercise requests. Our back catalogue now contains over 400+ classes to choose from, so your body and mind will never get bored!