A day in the life of…Shireen Baker



Alarm goes off at 5:45am so I’m up and about before my kids are up (I have a 3yrs old and a 6 month old).  I TRY to have a quick stretch, down a glass of water and then make porridge with blueberries. Then I prep meals/ snacks for my kids and myself* for the day while listening to audiobook or podcast (I’m loving Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place lately!).

*I’m not always this organised…


My son Noah is at preschool 3 days a week so I’m home with Amelia. I usually take her rhyme time at the library or Mumma Beans so we both get to play…. While I’m working a sweat, she’s playing! Lunch is usually roasted veggies & hummus with a piece of toast. Can’t get enough of bread!

I also snack LOTS –  nuts, apples, watermelon, carrots.


When my husband’s home he gives the kids dinner and a bath while I catch up on work admin. Dinner is something like salmon with vegetables and quinoa… Followed by nearly a whole bar of dark choc (it’s an obsession!). We’re in bed by 9:30, reading and asleep by 10pm!

….Erm not all days run this smoothly. Sometimes it’s impossible to prep anything healthy so I end up grabbing anything in the pantry- and barely manage to get out the house!